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SMS technology in Oil and Gas industry

In oil and gas industry it is not enough to find oil and gas, you need to store it, refine it but there is also a need for ensuring fast and effective communications between the different fields. SMS messaging can be a proper solution as it is able to adapt to remote environment, as well. SMS extension is available with the help of an SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This solution ensures that messages will be forwarded to the mobile network either with a GSM modem or IP SMS connectivity. Find out more about this solution by reading this article.

Why to introduce SMS solutions

SMS solutions can be integrated to various applications to increase their efficiency and ensure continuous availability and communication flow. In this way in oil and gas industry several benefits of this solution can be applied. On the loud fields it is difficult to ensure an efficient technology to forward instant data and even to communicate with colleagues. Now Ozeki Informatics Ltd. offers SMS solutions for data transfer and communication.

This solution enables corporate computers, databases, mail servers or various monitoring and workflow management applications to be able to send SMS messages to mobile phones. This functionality will result in a more seamless communication and a more reliable and effective data transfer.

SMS functionality in your corporate IT system can be achieved with the installation of a stable and powerful SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. After you have implemented this gateway software you can start to operate with SMS messages. These messages will be forwarded to the mobile network with a GSM modem attached to the PC; or the SMS gateway directly connects to the SMS center of the mobile service provider over the Internet (IP SMS connection). Please note that if you wish to build a secure and reliable SMS system to protect your data transfer from intruders, it is recommended to implement GSM modem connectivity as it is safer than IP SMS connection. It is the case because it is harder to intercept SMS messages traveling through the air than in Internet traffic.

Figure 1 - SMS solutions for Oil and Gas industry

Utilization of SMS technology

Advantages of SMS messaging in oil and gas industry

  • Instant and real-time
  • Time and cost effective
  • Allows SMS alerts, reminders or notifications
  • Improve communication
  • Increase efficiency
  • Direct
  • Discreet messaging
  • Two-way communication

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Conclusion of SMS solution for oil and gas industry

Availability and efficient communication are essential in these industries. Especially in case of emergency immediate and effective reaction is needed and to meet this demand you can adopt SMS technology into corporate IT system. Therefore, SMS messages can be sent directly to the cellphones of the intended person in case of critical events or just to communicate. If you decide to implement Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you will receive a reliable, secure and well-functioning SMS system with a high capacity.

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