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    SMS technology in governments and public sector

    Ensure effective and continuous communication flow between the government and agencies, different sectors, or citizens. The continuous availability of public bodies is as important as the assurance of adequate information to citizens. Adopt SMS technology to the IT system to be able to send SMS messages from computers to multiple mobile phones. To assure SMS functionality install a stable SMS gateway software such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to the computer. By implementing this solution, governments can provide a modern and user-centered approach to citizens. In this article you can learn the benefits of SMS technology provided by Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

    Why to adopt SMS solutions in governments

    There are several initiatives to adopt e-government functions based on the Internet worldwide even in developing countries to ensure easy access and availability. Very often these initiatives failed and among the reasons there were problems such as low internet access, high Internet costs and Internet illiteracy among citizens and even among workers at governments. Furthermore, email messages are not surely read immediately and it is a critical problem in case of emergencies or disasters.

    To solve and more importantly to avoid these problems, employ SMS technology in the IT system to reach the mass. SMS messages are common tools for communicate, users already have mobiles and use them; and SMS messaging does not require any further skills. In this way you can ensure an easy-to-use and very effective tool to improve communication, availability and access to governmental services. Furthermore, you can implement SMS technology for other kinds of utilization such as SMS campaigns, SMS votes, SMS reminders or notifications. Citizens will get access to all government e-services from paying parking fines to enquiring information via SMS.

    These features can be achieved by a powerful SMS gateway software such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This software product will provide SMS functionality to be able to send bulk SMS messages to multiple recipients. Therefore you can reach high performance and efficiency. You do not have to worry about performance with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway as it has an outstanding and unique capacity (500 SMS/sec) on the market. For this reason it is able to provide a fail-safe, 24/7 SMS service at the highest quality.

    Figure 1 - SMS solutions for governments

    What advantages are provided by SMS messaging

    Problems Solutions provided by Ozeki NG SMS Gateway
    Continuous communication cannot be maintained between offices and people on the field in case of emergency Build a stable SMS system to ensure seamless communication flow among departments and on the fields
    Citizens do not report new pot-holes because it is too time-consuming Offer SMS reporting system that is time and cost efficient
    There are too many damage on the roads, street furniture, walls, etc The solution is an SMS reporting system
    There are long waiting queues in front of offices (e.g. employment offices) SMS notifications about new jobs, services, fines, etc), so people can receive information at home or on the move
    It is hard to collect citizens' opinion on issues, or elections Launch SMS campaigns, or SMS voting on various issues
    There are lots of harms and work stoppages because of system breakdowns Add SMS extension to the monitoring application to send SMS alerts in real time

    Ensure a user-centered SMS system to citizens

    SMS technology allows:


    • Cost and time efficient
    • User-centered
    • Allows two-way communication
    • Available for most of the citizens
    • Ensures availability
    • Improves communication flow within and outside of the office
    • Reaches the masses
    • Easy-to-use
    • Makes agencies more flexible and mobile
    • Improves security (e.g. passwords via SMS)
    • Traceable

    Other fields of application

    • State Libraries: Use SMS technology for renewals or reservations of library books, provide catalog search options. Send SMS reminders if a reserved book is available or one needs to be returned.
    • In emergency, disasters: SMS alerts can be sent to large masses before storms, floods, extremely high temperature, etc and this solution is also able to ensure communication flows for disaster recovery or rescue coordination. SMS text messages highly improve emergency response time as they reach the intended audience.

    Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
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    Conclusion of SMS solutions for governments

    To summarize the above mentioned, an SMS system based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway improves communication and availability that can be critical in certain cases. This software product is able to manage massive traffic load in this way it provides a stable and reliable functioning even in those critical cases. Its outstanding capacity (500 SMS/sec) and highest quality will ensure success and 24/7 operation.

    Download the free trial of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway right now to see how it works in practice!

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