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SMS solutions for retail stores and supermarkets

Today if you want to meet the requirements of the world in rapid and constant change you need to adopt trends and technologies that improve your service quality. Only in this way you can attract more consumers effectively. SMS technology is one of the most impressive solution to be connected with customers and it is easy to implement into your IT system. After the implementation you can communicate store announcements and sales promotions to customers via SMS text messages. Find out more about SMS functionality in retail sector and learn the advantages of this solution.

Introduce SMS solutions as a new marketing tool

Now there is a constant need to run promotions and make your store be "a happening place". You can meet these requirements if you adopt efficient methods to increase revenues and acquire more consumers. If you are looking for a solution that improves your success by attracting customers and make you more profitable you are the proper place to get what you want.

This solution is SMS technology that can be implemented into your IT system. Then you will be able to send SMS text messages from PC to mobile phones. This feature will provide you further advantages that improves your marketing and allows you to communicate with customers directly. To introduce SMS services you need the mobile phone numbers of customers. To collect phone numbers you can distribute paper forms to be filled by consumers (even you can offer gifts as a compensation). However you can find easier and more efficient solution for gathering phone numbers: you can introduce a special form on your web site that allows customers to provide their mobile phones (on your web site); or they can subscribe for your SMS newsletters and other SMS contents via a form on your web site. You can examine examples of this solution on the following pages: Subscribe to SMS content in Joomla sites or Subscribe to SMS content in Drupal sites.

If you have the phone numbers you can start to send SMS messages to inform your customers about discounts, sales, events, etc. The utilization of text messaging is endless. You can improve and complete your marketing strategy with mobile marketing. With this solution you can issue SMS coupons and tickets, send notifications to customers, send discounts, special offers, etc.

"Month end clearance sale up to 50% off on all products at XY store only this week!"

As SMS messaging is a two-way method customers can send you SMS messages, as well. In this way they can send stock enquiry (whether you have an item in stock), they can reserve goods via SMS, ask for delivery notification, or product enquiry also can be sent via SMS. The following list summarizes the main alternatives of utilization:

  • Send promotions and announcements in SMS
  • Reward customer loyalty with SMS vouchers
  • Send specific offers for targeted consumers in SMS coupons
  • Send delivery notifications about the status of the ordered product
  • Send discounts
  • send reminders
  • Launch quizzes, SMS games, SMS voting
    Customers can send you SMS messages to a specified phone number for:
  • Stock enquiry
  • SMS order
  • Reserve goods
  • Delivery enquiry
  • Product enquiry

Advantages of SMS functionality

SMS functionality helps you improve business, attract and engage customers and increase revenues. With this solution you will be able to continuously run impressive promotions and keep the store "a happening place". Via a simple SMS message you can communicate all the important information even to each of your customers. Therefore you can ensure a direct way of communication why customers can feel special because of your personal offers. SMS functionality provides a fast, effective and discreet solution to engage customers that will result in quick growth in revenues.

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How to implement SMS functionality into the IT system?

If you are interested in this solution you can start to build your SMS system. First you need to download and install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is a software product that provides SMS functionality in your IT infrastructure. It has an outstanding capacity that ensures you a stable and well-functioning SMS system. Therefore you can provide SMS services to consumers at the highest level.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway forwards SMS messages to the mobile network in two possible ways: one of the alternatives is GSM modem connection. In this case a GSM modem is attached to the computer with a datacable. The other connection type is IP SMS connection. It means that the SMS gateway connects directly to the SMS center of the mobile service provider over the Internet.

Figure 1 - SMS solutions for Retail industry

If you have any further question regarding to the SMS gateway you can contact us at: info @ ozekisms.com.

To conclude SMS solutions for retail industry

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the best solution to build an effective and reliable SMS system to provide SMS services for your customers. It does not matter what kind of stores or retailers implement this solution as SMS functionality can help take your marketing to the next level. By offering comfortable and special offers to people they easier can be engaged and you can maintain close relationships while you will increase sales.

Download the free trial of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway right now to see how it works in practice!

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