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SMS solutions for automobile industry

How can you capture more perspective customers even on Sundays when your car dealership is closed?

Are you looking for a solution that allows you gain customers even on Sundays when there are no salespeople around? With a proper solution you can attract and engage more customers even if your business is closed. All you need to do is introducing a reliable solution that will do the heavy work for you. Read the following article to learn more about this solution.

To increase the numbers of customers and build long-term business relationships with them you need to introduce successful services in your business. The key factor is a successful service department that is for satisfying customer needs.

But how can you ensure that people get the latest news about your business? Or how can provide customer services continuously? If you wish to reach a wide audience at any time and any place you need a simple but efficient solution. And this solution is SMS messaging that offers flexible and instant mobile solutions for your business.

If you implement SMS technology you will be able to introduce one-way and two-way SMS services to satisfy customer needs to a greater extent. One-way services allow you to inform, notify, remind people and promote your cars and services. While two-way SMS messaging allows customers to keep in contact with you and react to your messages offering a flexible and effective customer service solution.

How can you introduce various SMS solutions in your business?

  • Introduce Mobile marketing in your business.

    Make your business available for customers continuously. Adopt mobile marketing as an integrated part of your marketing strategy so advertise cars in various media like newspapers, Sunday papers, TV, etc. Define a keyword for each car and a mobile phone number or short code to which people can send SMS messages. If they send the predefined keyword via SMS, your system can send an automatic reply message that will contain detailed information on the selected car. Your reply message can contain various information regarding the car and your business: description of the vehicle, color, features, link to WAP brochures, phone number of the contact person, etc. The keywords of cars can be displayed even on the windshields.

  • Adopt bulk SMS messaging
  • Send SMS service reminders (if the service is on the due), vehicle ready reminders, payment reminders, meeting time reminders to the staff, etc
  • Courtesy or thank you messages after a purchase or service
  • Welcome note to new customers
  • Automated greetings
  • Send additional information via SMS
  • Advertise complementary products to consumers via SMS
  • Send safety tips
  • Forward product price list to dealers, distributors, retailers, end users
  • Call for test drive via SMS
  • Send SMS invitations
  • Distribute SMS coupons that allow discounts and special offers
  • Launch SMS voting to get the opinion of your customers on various issues or services, etc.
  • Improve corporate communication with mobile messaging
  • Adopt MMS functionality to promote cars. It allows sending pictures of the selected cars.

How can you benefit from implementing SMS technology?

If you collected enough mobile phone number from your existing and prospective customers you can launch SMS services. Would you like to improve corporate communication within and outside of your company? By implementing SMS technology benefits can be noticed immediately. With SMS solutions you will be able to provide professional and real-time services for customers. A special offer sent to the mobile phone of the intended person will likely be welcomed as opposed to intrusive telephone calls or never-read e-mail messages. In this way you can reach your target audience and you can offer them special discounts, promote your products or offer comfortable way of administration.

With a simple text message you can avoid no-action times and your customers do not need to wait long hours for your services. You can also reach your staff more effectively that will result in a well-organized and faster work flow. These solutions will be appreciated by customers with more loyalty and they also attract new customers. Therefore you can increase your profit by gaining new consumers and engaging the existing ones. If you decide to implement SMS services your business will be undergoing rapid development.

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How to implement SMS technology into your IT system?

If you wish to launch SMS services in your business first you need to implement SMS technology into your corporate IT system. To do so you only need to download and install a powerful SMS gateway to your computer. This SMS gateway will provide SMS functionality to your business. Such an SMS gateway is Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. If you installed this software product to your computer you can start to provide SMS services for your customers with the help of it.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway forwards SMS messages to the mobile network in two possible ways: The first possibility is when a GSM modem is attached to the PC with a datacable and the SMS gateway operates it. This is called GSM modem connection. The other option is that the SMS gateway connects directly to the SMS center of a mobile service provider over the Internet. This is called IP SMS connection.

Figure 1 - SMS solutions for Automobile industry

Why Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the proper choice of you

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is a software product with an outstanding capacity on the market. If you would like to build a reliable and stable SMS system, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the solution for you. It ensures SMS services at the highest quality and it does the heavy work for you. Additional features also offer more effective operation:
If you often need to trace back your sent and received messages this software allows an efficient and easy message traceability.
Do you have many foreign customers to whom you need to send messages? Read how compatible with foreign languages and characters the software is.
Would you like to send great numbers of SMS messages: Learn more about performance and reliability of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Conclusion of SMS solutions for automobile industry

If you decide to implement SMS solutions based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you will gain a stable and well-functioning SMS system. Therefore you can save money on your communication while you generate more business. Furthermore SMS messaging allows you to provide comfortable and attracting mobile services that will engage customers for longer relations. In this way you and also your customers benefit from this flexible solution. Customers can save valuable time and will not worry about waiting times. And you can increase revenues and improve your business with effective SMS solutions.

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