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Flexible and effective solutions are available for businesses and industries by implementing the proper technology. However it is difficult to find the most proper technology that ensures fast, real-time and two-way communication in everyday life and even in critical business or industrial cases. On this page you can know the best communication method available today that is able to meet the requirements.

Situations where instant reaction and interaction are essential issues require a communication method that is able to provide real time services. In factories or in IT systems these situations are quite common and the staff needs to be informed about malfunctions. But communication channels that allow high availability and to reach the masses can be important in other fields, as well. In this way if you want to inform great numbers of people about any issue you also need a system that is able to meet requirements.

The communication channel that offers a wide variety of utilization and advantages is a well-known and simple technology. Though its versatility is still not widely known. And this method is SMS technology. If you implement SMS functionality in your IT system you will be able to send SMS messages to people from your computer. This fact will allow you to introduce various SMS solutions such as SMS reporting.

SMS reporting solutions make work flow seamless and efficient by allowing immediate intervention. In everyday life SMS reporting systems make life easier as it provides various information for people. So you will be able to send SMS alerts, notifications, but newsletters, or even weather reports to mobile phones to broaden your services offered to people. Below please find a list on a few possible SMS reporting utilization in businesses, industries, or in everyday life.

Uses of SMS messaging for reporting

SMS reports can be sent for entertainment purposes but they are the proper means of mission critical cases where intervention depends on the effectiveness of communication channel. So here are some examples for the uses of SMS reporting.

  • Administrative tasks: Send reports about the request of customers or employees that has been fulfilled or is still in progress. This solution helps improve relations.
  • Introduce SMS reports into your Network monitoring and management systems. Monitoring various events and applications in diverse business fields and send them reports about them to the competent person. So you can monitor parameters, systems, processes, etc.
  • For example, in logistics send reports about the status of distributions and deliveries. But these reports can be sent from any other business field, as well.
  • Send SMS reports about the condition of the IT system or about to the IT staff,
  • Inform the staff or business partners about important business dealings and schedules
  • You can provide SMS reporting functions for monitoring events like sport events, elections, etc. Send reports about the current statuses, or partial results to subscribed users
  • Send weather reports to your customers as an additional service
  • Adopt SMS reports in transport or in any other industry

How can you benefit from SMS reports

SMS reporting systems ensure a flexible way of managing processes and events. With the help of this solution you can build a secure and reliable monitoring system that will report malfunctions to the competent person. In this way you can save valuable time and money while problems will be fixed before customers or partners would notice it. Real time intervention is the key for success businesses.

However SMS reporting systems not only saves money but even can attract new customers and engage the existing ones. Since you can introduce various SMS reporting services to them after the implementation of this method. In this way you will be able to send weather notifications, newsletters, event reports, order tracking or status reports, etc. So in other words you can make your systems secure and can satisfy additional customer needs by simply implementing SMS reporting services. This solution causes a reasonable return on investment.

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How to implement SMS reports?

SMS reporting systems can be build by installing an SMS gateway software. So you need to download and install the powerful Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to achieve the above mentioned services. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is a software product that can be installed on your PC. After the installation you can start to send SMS messages from your computer to mobile devices. As Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has an outstanding capacity it is able to handle great numbers of messages at professional way.

The SMS gateway forwards SMS messages to the mobile network in two ways: either with GSM modem connection. It means that the SMS gateway operates one or more GSM modems attached to the PC with datacable. Or the SMS gateway connects directly to the SMS center of a service provider over the Internet. It is called IP SMS connection.

Figure 1 - SMS solutions for reporting systems

To see how you can realize SMS reports from monitoring systems please read Network monitoring and management systems page.

The other solutions like weather reports can be introduced in practice in more possible ways:

You can use the Database user of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Or it is possible to create a Autoreply database user. In this case people send you a predefined keyword and they receive the weather report for that day, etc.

Or you can let people subscribe to SMS letters, reports or notifications on your website:
Subscribe to SMS content in Joomla
Subscribe to SMS content in Drupal

Summary of SMS reporting

To summarize the above mentioned SMS reporting systems make businesses more stable, reliable and secure while they also help increase customer satisfaction. If you want to be sure that your system is able to operate 24/7 seamlessly and at a professional level, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the choice for you. With this solution you will easily gain back your investment.

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