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SMS solutions for churches and faith-based organizations

Today churches and faith-based organizations often adopt new technologies to increase congregation membership and involvement. If you also look for a technology that make communication easier and improve relations between memberships you may find this page useful. Now you can learn a solution that allows fast, efficient and interactive way of communication to faith-based organizations.

The use of technology in religious services and related activities is not a new method to improve attendance on services. In this way video screen projectors or other audio applications are widely applied during services. However, you may experience that people especially younger generation do not spend so much time in churches than before. To prevent them from not going to church at all you can introduce various technologies that will attract more people.

In communication the most important trend is SMS technology. The reason is that SMS technology ensures fast communication and high availability. By using text messaging capabilities churches can reach out and communicate directly with their members and potentials. Especially if you need a technology that is able to reach younger generation this is the most proper solution as the young can be reached via mobile devices easily.

How to use SMS technology in religion?

So SMS messaging services provide various SMS services for people who can experience a convenient way for communication. If they are informed from time to time about important events, meeting times, or other issues related to their congregation people will appreciate these notifications and will participate in services.

You can introduce SMS technology in your congregation or parish for two main reasons. With the help of SMS messaging you can involve people into services and meetings or you can reach them at any time to send notification messages to them.

During church events and meetings you can increase participation by introducing SMS services. You just need to define a mobile phone number to which people can send SMS messages during a service. Messages then can be displayed on a video projection screen therefore they will not interrupt the main flow of the event. It is the proper solution in informal church services especially in youth-oriented ones. (Texting is one the greatest ways to reach younger audience)

Beside interaction mobile messaging can also improve communication processes between people and the church. You can send SMS messages including biblical and inspirational citations to people and you can provide timely advice and reassurance to people in need of spiritual support. Though SMS messaging can also be used to everyday purposes. In this way you can send congregational alerts and reminders or send SMS invitations to a group or an individual. This use of SMS messages ensures continuous connectivity with people and strengthens religious bonds. Therefore you can ensure a helpful and useful SMS service to people to provide moral support.

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How to implement SMS technology?

To be able to reach out to people first you need to build an SMS system that provides SMS functionality to your IT system. In this way you will be able to send and receive SMS messages between the PC and mobile devices. To build an SMS system you need a powerful SMS gateway software. Such a software is Ozeki NG SMS Gateway that needs to be downloaded and installed to your computer. Then you can start to operate your SMS system.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway forwards SMS messages to the mobile network with a GSM modem or IP SMS connection. GSM modem connection means that the SMS gateway operates one or more GSM modems attached to the PC with a data cable. While IP SMS connection refers to that the SMS gateway connects directly to the SMS center of a mobile service provider over the Internet.

Figure 1 - SMS solutions for Religions and churches

Conclusion of SMS solutions for religion and churches

SMS solutions based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway are the best methods to improve communication processes with parishioners and congregants. With the implementation of SMS functionality you can be in touch with your people all the time to provide them moral support. In this way you can easily make the church be part of people's lives and achieve that people become church-goers. The greatest advantage of SMS technology is that it helps you reach younger generations. If they are well-informed about religion they will be able to decide about religion or church-going furthermore they will not likely refuse religion in such a great extent.

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