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Useful information
How to send SMS with a GSM modem attached to your PC?

This solution is best if you are planning to send or receive up to 4000 SMS per day. Read more:
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    How to send SMS through the Internet?

    If you wish to send more then 4000 SMS per day, it is a good idea to use an Internet SMS service provider. Read more:
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  • Automate phone calls!

    Ozeki Phone System XE - VoIP PBX Software is an excellent tool for making automated phone calls.

    SMS services for various industries

    SMS technology in IT and System Administration

    Introduce SMS solution to IT and system administrations in your company to increase efficiency and competitiveness. With SMS technology you will be able to send SMS notifications or SMS alerts on various events to mobile phones. To achieve this solution you need to install an SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway on the computer. With the implementation of this software product, SMS sending will be easy and several SMS services will be available. Find out the utilization possibilities and the advantages of SMS solutions.

    SMS solutions for IT

    In companies there are complex corporate IT systems that consists of various monitoring, management, mailing, protection, helpdesk applications and databases to store huge amount of data. It is a common need to increase the efficiency of these applications to be more efficient and competitive on the market and to satisfy more customers to a greater extent.

    With the implementation of SMS technology to the corporate IT system you can achieve considerable advance. Then you can send SMS messages on different matters to multiple recipients at the very same time. The success of SMS messages derives from their simplicity, easy-to-use feature, and their availability for everyone. Add SMS extension to the monitoring and management system and the IT staff will be alerted via SMS about system malfunctions; implement SMS functionality to the mail server and you will be notified if there is an incoming email message for you. The utilization possibilities are endless, but one feature is common in all of them: SMS messaging greatly increase the features of your existing IT applications. Benefiting from the excellent properties of SMS messages you can improve corporate communication with an effective and safe SMS system.

    Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the key to make SMS functionality available in the corporate IT system. It needs to be downloaded and installed on the computer and then you can start to build your SMS system. The SMS gateway forwards SMS messages to the mobile network with a GSM modem attached to the computer with a data cable; or it directly connects to the SMS center of the mobile service provider over the Internet (IP SMS connection). Please note that we recommend you to start to build your SMS system with GSM modem connection as it is more stable and secure than IP SMS connection. If you wish to increase capacity you can attach more GSM modems to the PC or switch to IP SMS connectivity.

    Figure 1 - SMS solutions for IT

    Add SMS extension to the follows:

    Benefits of SMS technology in IT

    • Improves communication
    • Ensures information and data flow
    • Reduces operational costs
    • Increases safety (e.g. allows Two-factor authentication)
    • Eases workload of IT staff
    • Keeps staff well-informed and up-to-date
    • Saves time and money
    • Real-time SMS alerts on system malfunctions, virus notifications
    • SMS notifications or reminders from different helpdesk systems or mail servers

    Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
    opening the download page:
    Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

    Conclusion of SMS solutions for IT and system administration

    Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the ideal solution if you want to ensure SMS functionality to the corporate IT infrastructure to send SMS alerts, notifications, or reminders. These solutions increase efficiency, improve corporate communication and ensure continuous availability. SMS services mean fewer effort for employees but even for customers or partners as they can easily contact you via SMS or use your services via SMS. With this solution you will gain a stable, secure and well-functioning SMS system based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

    Download the free trial of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway right now to see how it works in practice!

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