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SMS solutions for legal sector

Legal sector has already applied technologies especially in IT systems to ensure safety and seamless workflow. Now communication and data flow can also be ensured by efficient technologies that allow fast, reliable and immediate data exchange in a discreet way. Please see a few examples on how to improve these fields even in legal sector.

Lots of law firms use developed technologies in their IT departments. However, some of them are more advanced and they look for technologies to be applied at other fields than IT. These companies need a reliable and powerful system that will ensure fast, immediate and discreet way of communication and data exchange.

If you have the same advanced needs and you want to gain competitive advantages you may be interested in this solution. And the solution that is able to meet these requirements is implementing SMS technology in the IT system. After the implementation you can build your own SMS system to send messages from your PC to mobile phones. But before you can see how to implement this solution, find some utilization possibilities to learn how SMS functionality can be boosted in legal sector.

How to use SMS technology in legal sector

SMS messaging can be adopted as a client-facing technology or as a mean of informing and updating an increasingly mobile work force.

  • Reach your clients and send information and data to them via SMS keeping them continuously informed about their cases
  • Send SMS reminders to clients before meetings or trials
  • Send SMS greetings to clients or partners on various occasions ensuring they will remember you
  • Use mobile marketing to advertise your existing and new services to clients
  • Introduce an impressive field force report system to keep the staff well-informed and updated on the fields
  • Improve corporate communication with mobile technology
  • Increase safety in your IT environment. Introduce SMS functionality into various applications: two-factor authentication, monitoring,CRM, or helpdesk applications
  • Improve the efficiency of your communication by implementing SMS functionality in corporate mail client
  • With automated SMS services you can allow clients to receive instant information from your company. For example, clients need to text a keyword to your phone number and your SMS system will automatically send detailed information via SMS to clients

Advantages of SMS functionality

SMS messaging is useful as back-up or alternative to email message, and it is also an excellent, discreet and immediate messaging medium. SMS messages are the right means for situations where there is a huge need to forward an urgent message or information to a partner or associate who is in a "do not disturb" situation - for example in court, or during an important client meeting.

The value it adds to your business is obvious: clients are kept up-to-date with their case, and you can save money by not having to ask so many routine enquiries. For a law firm that is seriously interested in becoming a large retail law provider, it is not a question whether automatic updates and notifications are worthwhile.

How to implement SMS functionality in your IT system

To achieve the above mentioned features you need to introduce SMS functionality into the IT environment. You can do this if you download and install a powerful SMS gateway to your PC. Such an SMS gateway is Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. After the installation you will be able to build your SMS system that makes it possible to send SMS messages from your PC to mobile phones.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway forwards SMS messages to the mobile network in the following ways: it can operate one or more GSM modems attached to the PC with data cable. It is called GSM modem connection. Or the SMS gateway can connect directly to the SMS center of a mobile service provider over the Internet called IP SMS connection.

Figure 1 - SMS solutions for legal sector

Conclusion of legal SMS solution

SMS services based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will enhance your business by ensuring fast, reliable and discreet solutions both for you and your clients. With SMS services you can highly improve corporate communication inside and outside your company. Furthermore you can easily reach important clients and partners discreetly on their mobile phones even if they are on the go or in "do not disturb" situations. Your SMS system will also save you valuable time and money as you can easily send out case information to clients from your PC. In this way you can avoid continuous enquiries. All in all SMS messaging helps you develop your business and satisfy customer and partner needs effectively while it increases your revenues at the same time.

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