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SMS solutions for conferences and trade shows

Would you like to maximize the interactive experiences for attendees even while they are on the go during your conference or trade show? If you are an organizer of such events you might experience that attendee interaction can lead greater success as it is easier to keep them listening if they are involved. On this page you can find a solution that improves interaction at a great extent and will bind people with your business.

Conference and trade show organizers always look for solutions that help achieve higher attendance and efficiency on these events. If you are in the same situation you can introduce a technology in your events that will allow people to interact even during the shows.

This solution is SMS technology that ensures real-time SMS solutions for attendees. After you introduced SMS messaging in your IT system you will be able to send and receive SMS messages to and from mobile devices.

How to utilize SMS solutions in conferences and trade shows?

  • Before the event you can introduce mobile marketing to inform people about the upcoming conference or trade show. You only need to send bulk SMS messages to the potential attendees containing the issue, date, and place. You can also make the schedule of the event available by sending a text message. You can define a keyword to which people can text and they immediately receive a link where they can download the material or if it is not too long they can get it via SMS messages. For this solution please see automated SMS services page. In this way contact information, or detailed information about companies, organizations can also be sent in the same way.
  • Send SMS invitations to speakers and all of the attendees.
  • Adopt SMS walls to increase interaction. SMS walls allow attendees to send in SMS messages and you can display these messages on a screen. It is also possible to launch FAQ service. People send a question that you answer and the text of the conversation will be displayed for others to see.
  • Implement SMS voting to let people express their opinions about issues or vote for various issues.
  • Send your business card via SMS if it is required by someone. You can also provide information about your company. SMS messages are easy to store and are always available on the phone of the recipient as opposed to paper brochures or cards that are easy to lost. See vCard solution.
  • Send SMS reminders a few days before the event to speakers and attendees.

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How to implement SMS functionality?

You can introduce SMS functionality into your corporate IT system with only a few steps. First you need an application that is able to provide SMS functionality. Such an application is a powerful SMS gateway like Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This is a software product that needs to be downloaded and installed to your computer. After the installation you will be able to send SMS messages from your PC to the mobile phones of customers.

The SMS gateway forwards SMS messages to the mobile network in two possible ways. So it can operates a GSM modem that is attached to the PC with a datacable. It is called GSM modem connection. Or the SMS gateway connects directly to the SMS center (SMSC) of a mobile service provider over the Internet (IP SMS connection).

Figure 1 - SMS solutions for conferences and tradeshows

Conclusion of SMS solutions for conferences/tradeshows

Offer a cost-efficient solution that makes mobile services available to as many attendees as possible on conferences and trade shows. These mobile solutions provide advantages of availability and instant services. Though you can benefit from the fact that you will collect huge amounts of mobile phone numbers on such an event with the help of SMS services. In this way you can ensure an additional source of revenue as you can build your potential customers base for further services.

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