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How can you increase your mobile subscriber base?

Have you implemented SMS technology but you do not have enough mobile phone number to launch SMS campaigns? If this is the case you need to start to collect the mobile phone numbers of customers and partners. Find a few tips on this page on how you can get phone numbers from people effectively.

After you introduced SMS technology you also need to pay attention to have phone numbers of customers to be able to send SMS messages to them. Therefore one of the greatest challenges you need to face is gaining access to customer's mobile data. But how can you get the phone numbers without being intrusive?

To make people willingly provide their phone number you need to offer them something that cannot be refused. You need to ensure them special offers, discounts, first hand information from which they can profit somehow. If you adopt this method you will be able to grow your mobile subscriber base quickly and easily.

Tips on how to increase mobile subscriber base

  • Use your store, parlor, salon, etc where you can meet your customers

    If customers go to your store, shop, salon, etc you can offer discounts on a purchase or free gifts if they sign up as a mobile subscriber. This solution is simple and people will be happy to get gifts or discounts. Though it takes some time so some people will not waste time to provide mobile data during shopping.

  • Mobile VIP club

    Create a special VIP club to which people would like to join. People like to feel special so if customers can be the first who will get notice of upcoming holiday sales, hot stock arrivals or other hot issues they are interested in, they will want to be members of your club. Therefore you can launch SMS campaigns to them about new products, services, discounts, etc.

  • Mobile keywords

    You can define a keyword and customers can send it via SMS to a predefined short code or phone number. In this way you can get their phone numbers easily and freely and they will subscribe to your SMS service voluntarily.

  • Use your web site

    This is the easiest and most attractive way to make people subscribe to your SMS services. In practice it means that you can introduce a form on your web site on which people can subscribe or unsubscribe to your SMS services. This solution can be achieved with a module that is available freely on the pages linked below. See a few examples on how to use your web site to increase your mobile subscriber base:

    Subscribe to SMS content in Joomla sites

    Node notification module in Drupal sites.

  • Introduce SMS walls

    SMS walls offer opportunity to collect people's phone number who can send SMS messages to you. Messages then will be displayed on a screen or projector, or on TV, etc. This solution ensures high attendance and can be introduced on various of events like sport events, concerts, etc.

  • Launch SMS betting services

    By introducing SMS betting services, for example sport betting service, you can collect the phone numbers of prospectives while they are enjoying your entertainment services. In this way they will not mind to share their phone numbers with you for further contact.

Please note that you always need to ask the subscriber's explicit consent to send them SMS messages. Therefore your SMS campaigns and notifications will be received with appreciation and your services will be considered as reliable and non-intrusive ones.

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Summary of customer base improvement

To launch successful SMS campaigns you need to build a large subscriber base. Therefore you can reach wide audience and your promotions will be more effective. You can use one or all of the above mentioned tips to create your subscriber base. After you have collected enough mobile phone numbers Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will do the heavy work for you: it will handle the great numbers of messages in a reliable and stable way.

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