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How to enhance your business with automated SMS services?

After you've acquired a customer, why would they bother to come back to your service? Anyway how can you make them remember your business? If you feel that your business is not so effective in engaging customers for long-terms you may find some services useful that are listed on this page.

Customers tend to choose those deals that offer the most advantages to them. In this way you can complete your products or services with additional services to satisfy customer needs to a great extend. But what are these services?

If you wish to provide the most attention to your customers all you need to do is offering them easy and comfortable services that will make their lives easier. And you can provide these services if you introduce SMS technology into your IT system. Then you will be able to send and receive SMS messages in your IT environment. Among many other SMS solutions, automated SMS response service will also be available. Automated SMS service means that autoresponses can be sent to your customers. Learn more about this solution in this article, find links that lead to configuration guides and utilization examples are also provided.

How automated SMS services can be used?

With automated SMS services you can provide various SMS solutions for customers. Automated SMS can be used among others in the following services:

  • Send information to customers:
    If people send an SMS that contains a predefined keyword you can automatically send back the requested information to them. This function can be used in stores, ads, web sites, etc. For example: If you have a restaurant you can advertise it. In your ads you can provide a phone number or short code to which people can send an SMS message. Then you can send back automatically the special offer of the day. All types of information can be requested via SMS in several businesses. So please note that autoreply function can be implemented for various issues.
  • Send confirmation messages:
    SMS games:
    If you launch SMS games you can send confirmation messages to players. In this way you can notify them automatically that their SMS has arrived.
    SMS voting:
    If you launch SMS voting campaigns you can automatically notify people that their vote has arrived.
    Mobile reservation:
    Send a confirmation to people about their reservation (in a restaurant, hotel, etc)
    SMS parking:
    Send a confirmation message to people if they send an SMS that starts their parking.
  • Other services:
    With this solution you can launch other services. For example people can require recipes via SMS. If they send an SMS that contains an ingredient you can send them an SMS with the name of a meal that can be made of this ingredient. This will give them ideas what they should cook and they can buy the ingredients in your store. This service can be used with any other issues not just meals.
    Or if you have a gym you can launch a service that allows clients to request health tips via SMS related to various topics.
    It is also possible that people send an SMS with a foreign word or term and a glossary or explanation can be sent. The possible solutions are endless that can be implemented with this service.
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
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How to implement automated SMS services?

To be able to provide SMS solutions based on automatic responses you need to implement a powerful SMS gateway software such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This software product will ensure SMS functionality in your IT system. To achieve automated SMS services you need to create an Autoreply database user in the SMS gateway. This user will handle all the messages related to automation. In this way the heavy work will also be done by Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

The SMS gateway can forward SMS messages to the mobile network in two possible ways. The first one is when a GSM modem is attached to the computer with a datacable and the SMS gateway operates this modem. This is called GSM modem connection. The other alternative is if the SMS gateway connects directly to the SMS center of a mobile service provider over the Internet. This is called IP SMS connection.

Figure 1 - SMS solutions for automated services

To get a detailed configuration guide please go to Create and configure an autoreply database user.

To conclude automated SMS services...

To summarize the above mentioned automated SMS services can improve your business. These SMS solutions allow you to offer comfortable services to your customers who will appreciate these methods as they can save time or just can enjoy the various SMS solutions. In this way you can be sure that your business will not be forgotten and customers will probably turn back as loyal clients. This fact then will indirectly increase your revenues and engage more customers.

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