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SMS from HP OpenView solution presentation
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SMS from HP OpenView solution overview
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How to send SMS with a GSM modem attached to your PC?

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    How to send SMS through the Internet?

    If you wish to send more then 4000 SMS per day, it is a good idea to use an Internet SMS service provider. Read more:
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    How to adopt SMS functionality in HP Openview

    Delays in the notification process, and missing the ability to track message delivery status can keep your staff away from meeting their service level and financial objectives. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers the perfect solution for HP Openview users to solve such problems as it enables to send SMS messages to the mobile phones of IT personal and managers. In this article you will receive a general of how you can send SMS messages from HP Openview with the help of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

    Configuration guides:

    HP Openview SMS solution overview

    HP Openview is a large scale system and network management software that is used to manage the IT infrastructure. It brings an integrated answer to the question of automation of IT life cycle, phase, delivery and operation of business plans. It greatly improves the efficiency of IT system management tasks. This great environment might be improved by adding SMS notification functionality to it. SMS notifications sent to the mobile phones of IT staff and managers could bring a lot of benefits.

    In a diverse IT environment several unexpected events can occur; the CPU cooling is off, there is no space on the main HDD, communication problems between workstations, unauthorized entry to the system, network disconnections. As HP Openview monitors the system it notices these malfunctions and generates reports about them. Ozeki's solutions enables the supervision software to send these reports in SMS to mobile phones. In this manner the competent person can be informed immediately thus the system administrator or the network operator teams can start solving the problem at once.

    These solutions shorten time consuming information flow and minimizes response time to errors. Thus rapid and safe working environment can be achieved. This overview gives further information on this solution.

    Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
    opening the download page:
    Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

    System architecture

    Ozeki enables two different integration solutions for HP Openview to send SMS: one uses the command line client, the other uses an intermediary file. Regardless of the different solutions their working principles are much the same.

    When an alert happens HP Openview notices it and creates a report. This report can execute a command line exe file (command line SMS client) or can create an intermediary file. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can accept the alert sent by the command line client, or it can read the intermediary file, and can translate it into a text SMS message. The SMS message, containing the information about the alert is sent to the mobile user through a GSM modem attached to the PC, where Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is installed (Figure 2). Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can send the message through a GSM modem or a GSM phone attached to the PC with a data cable or it can send it through the Internet by connecting to the short messages service center (SMSC) of an SMS service provider.

    Figure 2 - Ozeki NG SMS Gateway - solution for how to send SMS from HP Openview

    Sending the SMS messages through a modem is often a better choice. The reason for this is that a modem sends the SMS message through the air using a GSM radio link. Since transmitting the SMS message over the radio link does not require a working Internet connection, it can be used to alert corresponding people even if the Internet connection is not available.

    How to implement SMS solution into HP Openview

    To implement this solution, you can use one of two different approaches.

    The first solution uses the command line exe client shipped with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway for managing the communication between HP Openview and Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This command line exe client is executed by HP Openview, and it passes the SMS messages to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway through an HTTP request. This means that HP Openview and Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be installed on different computers in your LAN. To set up this solution you need to create a new policy in HP Openview and set its properties. You also have to create a new rule and configure an automatic command execution that will submit the SMS message to the SMS gateway. The last step is to configure Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to work with your GSM modem.

    For detailed step by step instructions on how to configure this solution, please visit the following page:

    Setup guide on how to add SMS functionality to HP Openview by executing a command line exe.

    The other possible solution uses an intermediary text file to handle the communication between HP Openview and Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. In this setup HP Openview creates a text file when it wants to send an SMS message. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will pickup this text file and will send it through the modem. To configure this solution first you need to configure HP Openview and create a new policy group, and a new Windows Event processing entry and set its properties. Then you need to create an automatic command that will create the text file and pass it to Ozeki NG. The final step is to configure Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to pick up the text file and to send it as an SMS. For detailed setup information on how to implement this solution, please visit the following guide:

    Step by step instructions for sending SMS from HP Openview with the help of a text file.

    Benefits of HP Openview SMS

    By implementing one of these solutions HP Openview users will have a more efficient IT management system. The SMS sending service will bring information to relevant people in shorter time. Better informed personal can act and react quicker and can improve the service level.

    Conclusion for HP Openview SMS solution

    To sum it up Ozeki NG SMS Gateway enables HP Openview to send SMS about the generated reports. Ozeki NG-SMS Gateway's superior performance ensures high capacity and reliable operation. By implementing this solution a HP Openview user can maintain a rapid, secure and efficient IT system monitoring infrastructure, which will result in shorter response time and happier managers.

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